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Downloadable Bundle (2$)

The bundle includes: Downloadable version of Sleepy Time for Windows, the Sleepy Time Soundtrack  and the Into The Box Soundtrack.



Sleepy Time is a rhythm game about depressed people trying to sleep.

Sleepy Time is a psychedelic adventure into the minds of depressed people.

Sleepy Time is a nightmare where the only exit is pressing ESC.

Sleepy Time is a game.

Sleepy Time.

It’s not suitable for children. Includes penises. Lotsa penises. Trust me.


Game features:

6 songs to play

Dialogues between clay statues





Sleepy Time is developed by Kayabros.


Quotes From Press:

"So maybe Sleepy Time isn’t the porno video game we deserve, but it might be the one we need." - (EJ Dickson)

a game that deals with two adult topics that few indies (or AAAs) have ever incorporated, wrapped in a rhythm game" - (John Polson)

It starts off as a farce and ends in emotional catharsis. The wholly original soundtrack does a lot to help that happen, with semi-shabby songs of failure that are 100% from the heart. One of the final songs here repeats the word “patheeeeetic” over and over again in a rhythmic drone. It’s perfect!

Maybe mastering this game will help some to get a grip on [the illusion of gain], and have a better life in general.” - (Jonathan Holmes)

"you’ll be the conductor of the world’s most masturbatory orchestra" - (Chris Priestman)

"Sleepy Time is a troubling game. But that’s also what I like about it. Rather than try to titillate or entice players, it confronts them with an uncomfortably vulnerable experience, one that troubles the red-blooded depictions of masculinity we usually see in bigger games than this.” - (Yannick LeJacq)